About Me

I was born in Guelph, Ontario in 1981. I grew up in Hamilton and Kitchener, Ontario. Growing up, I spent much of my summers in Algonquin Park and worked for many years at summer camps in southern Ontario. I studied wildlife biology and art at the University of Guelph, graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree with honours in 2004. I later received my Bachelor of Education degree from Brock University, and am now a teacher in Waterloo Region. As well as painting, I am an avid photographer and canoeist. I continue to live my passion for the outdoors, spending much of my time observing, exploring, and documenting nature around my home and while camping. I live with my wife, son and daughter, and dog in Kitchener.

I paint because I wish to share my experience of the world. I want to truly convey what the landscape and its flora and fauna mean to me. It is my hope that through my paintings, viewers may get a deeper appreciation for the wilderness, and perhaps affect the way in which they approach the natural world around them. There is beauty everywhere and I am just trying to point some out.

When I create a painting, composition will always trump reality. I utilize my photography as reference material for my work, but I often remove trees or islands or include a focal point that was not there before. It is important to me to convey the sense of the scene I am depicting but this does not always mean copying leaf for leaf, or feather for feather. If I can create a beautiful image that instills the same awe and reverence that I felt when I experienced it, I feel I have done my job