Monthly Archives: September 2015

McMichael Autumn Art Sale

A few years back when I was first getting started with painting, I went to the McMichael Gallery to see the Group of Seven works on display. When I got there I was surprised to find there was an art sale in the lobby that weekend. I was inspired by the multitude of beautiful Ontario landscapes on display.

Ever since that day I have wanted to have my work shown in the McMichael show. I was impressed by the quality of the art I saw at that show and I figured that if I was ever good enough to have my art shown at this event, it would validate the work I put into my paintings; I could finally say that I made it.

This year, my paintings were accepted into the Autumn Art Show. I am excited to be in the show with other artists I respect and just down the hall from works by Tom Thompson, Franklin Carmichael and Lawren Harris. If you are free any time between Oct 23-25, you should definitely come by and check out the sale and gallery.