Monthly Archives: June 2013

My Grandparents and the Orchard Runs

My aunt and uncle commissioned a painting to hang above their fireplace at their chalet at Blue Mountain. They wanted the painting to have a connection to my grandparents, who spent a lot of their time up at Blue Mountain. I decided to paint the orchard runs which are opening up next winter and are the closest part of the hill to my aunt and uncle’s chalet. As a tribute to my grandparents, I included their faces in the hill. They are difficult to see, but if you know they are there you can find them. My grandparents are no longer with us, but like in the painting, if I know they are there on the hill, their presence can be found.

Wee Paintings


I have recently started making small magnetic paintings for art shows. Some people say they will put them on their fridges and I know a few students who bought paintings so that they could go in their school locker. Creating paintings on such a small scale is a challenge for me but it is a lot of fun. The paintings take a couple hours to complete. The paintings have to have a fairly simple composition because they are so small. Some of them have turned out quite well and I might turn them into larger canvases.

Come to Art Round the Pond in Wellesley


I will be at Art Round the Pond in Wellesley ON, this Sat, June 15th, 2013. Come on out and see me and all the other vendors.

Art Round the Pond