Monthly Archives: December 2012

The Black Snowman

I now think of myself as a reasonably good painter but it was not always so. When I was younger, the only brushes I had access to were rough old fat brushes and the paint I used was water soluble.

When I tried to paint with the watery paint and the ratty old brushes, I would inevitably make a mistake that I would be unable to fix. This snowman is one example of my early painting failures.

When painting the snowman, I messed up the torso and in frustration, I painted the whole thing black. Somehow this snowman has survived the many christmases since then and still has a spot on the family tree.

Years later, I found that when using acrylic paint, I could paint over any mistakes I made and to my suprise this paint along with better brushes allowed me to create paintings that I could actually be proud of.