Monthly Archives: October 2012

Protected Bay – Lake Superior

This past summer a couple friends and I went on a 10 day 200 km kayaking trip along the north shore of Lake Superior. The landscape along the coast was beautiful and quite impressive.

About halfway through the trip we had a day where the wind and waves got a little too intense and we decided we should find a sheltered bay and set up camp.  We found a spot along the coast  about 5 km east of Le Petit Mort Rocks that seemed reasonable. There were very few spots flat enough to set up our tent so we ended up on top of a large rock by the shore which you can see in the photo below.

Although, it was not the most comfortable campsite on the trip, when the sun started going down and the wind subsided, the shore behind the campsite lit up beautifully and that is the subject of this particular painting to the right.