Newest Painting

Here is my most recent painting. If you are interested in seeing it in person, I will be at the Oakville Art in the Park Show on August 5, 2019. Come on by and check out all the art at Bronte Heritage Waterfront Park.


Come see me in Elora – July 6-7

Storms at the Show

Yesterday, I was at the Oakville Outdoor Art Show. and Iwas showcasing my new painting “Distant Storm”. This painting showcases a distant storm that I saw while camping this summer. We could hear the thunder from this distant storm but it blew past us on the horizon and never rained on us.

Yesterday at the art show, I had the opposite experience. A storm rolled in, early in the afternoon and fully hit the art show. There was lightning, thunder and pouring rain. Me and many other artists had to hide in the doorway of a nearby banquet hall to avoid the constant lightning.

Loon Paddle

Algonquin Outfitters is holding a paddle art contest and auction. I thought Iwould give it a try. The proceeds from the auction go towards the Oxtongue Lake for Arts and Culture as well as the Town of Huntsville Fund for Future Acquisition of Public Art.

The Final day of the auction is Fri. Sept 29th. You should definitely check out my paddle (#144) as well as the other impressive paddles that people have created!



Oakville Art in the Park 2017

This holiday Monday, make a trip out to the Oakville Art Society’s 52nd Art in the Park show. Come visit my booth to check out my newest works and watch as I paint to pass the time! There are many interesting and talented artists to see at the show. Hope to meet you there. 

My School

When I am not painting and camping in the summer, I spend my time here at St. Benedict Catholic Secondary School in Cambridge. I recently created this painting for a teaching colleague of mine that became the vice principal of the school. This painting now hangs in his office.

All set up in Kleinburg

I brought my paintings to the McMichael gallery today and hung them in preparation for the show this weekend. I am excited for the big gala evening tomorrow.

Here are 3 of my latest works that I hung up today:

McMichael Autumn Art Sale

A few years back when I was first getting started with painting, I went to the McMichael Gallery to see the Group of Seven works on display. When I got there I was surprised to find there was an art sale in the lobby that weekend. I was inspired by the multitude of beautiful Ontario landscapes on display.

Ever since that day I have wanted to have my work shown in the McMichael show. I was impressed by the quality of the art I saw at that show and I figured that if I was ever good enough to have my art shown at this event, it would validate the work I put into my paintings; I could finally say that I made it.

This year, my paintings were accepted into the Autumn Art Show. I am excited to be in the show with other artists I respect and just down the hall from works by Tom Thompson, Franklin Carmichael and Lawren Harris. If you are free any time between Oct 23-25, you should definitely come by and check out the sale and gallery.

Oakville Art Society’s Art in the Park

This long weekend, I will be exhibiting at the Oakville Art Society’s Art in the Park. The show starts at 10 AM in Bronte Waterfront Heritage Park, and the weather looks like an improvement on last year’s. Hope to see you there.

Art in the Park

Art on the Street

I will again be displaying my work available for purchase (and painting all the while) at Guelph’s Art on the Street, Saturday, July 11th. See you there!